LETSGOMO.ORG Crosses 5,000 Signups, Senator Eigel Looks to 2023

Early this morning at 1:06 am, Letsgomo.org recorded it’s 5,000th signup to support the Eigel For Governor Exploratory campaign.

According to Senator Bill, this represents a milestone of interest well ahead of schedule. “The response I’ve gotten so far as I traveled around Missouri has been overwhelming,” Eigel said. “I thought it would take a couple months just to get the first couple hundred folks signed up and the process working. Instead, we crossed 5,000 before New Years.”

“To put that in perspective, the 5,000 signups we’ve gotten in just the first 45 days of activity represents the same number of households that ultimately voted for me in my successful first Republican primary for state senate in 2015,” Eigel continued. “The difference is that it took 18 months of work to get to that level of support in 2015…it took just 45 days to get there this time around.”

In addition to traveling the state in person, Senator Eigel has been active on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Recently, Facebook highlighted a record level of traffic on Eigel’s campaign Facebook page of 10,000 engagements just in the last 28 days.

“The process of social media isn’t what is special–certainly most folks have already heard of and logged into these mediums,” Eigel explained. “What IS special is my message of a stronger Missouri that is attracting folks from all over the Show-Me States. The policies I’m championing are good for all Missourians–Republicans, yes, but independents and Democrats as well.”

With New Years 2023 quickly approaching, Senator Eigel plans to keep up the pace.

“This coming year is a critical one for Missouri,” he said. “We need to cut taxes. We need to reign in spending. We need to protect kids, parents, voters, businesses…lots to do. Let’s get to work.”

Keep a close eye on Letsgomo.org for more updates! Let’s Go Missouri!


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